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Learning doesn’t begin when children start school, it begins at birth. By the time children turn three, they have already begun to lay the foundation for the skills and abilities that will help them succeed in school. Learn how you can support early learning in your children.

School Readiness promotes early learning with these activities:

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Picture1Read, Sing, Play – Visit the Doctor Dentist – START TODAY!

A young child’s brain is amazing! Research shows that a child’s brain develops most dramatically during the early years of life. Like a quality constructed house, our brain depends on a strong foundation. Building the foundation starts before birth and is very important during the first three years of life. Brain cells are the “raw” materials — similar to the lumber used to build a house. A child’s experiences and the environment in which they live help build the structure and hard-wire that child for life. A baby’s brain is wiring faster than any other time. According to the Child Welfare Information Gateway, at its peak rate, “the cerebral cortex of a healthy toddler may create 2 million synapses per second.” By the age 3, your child’s brain has reached nearly 90 percent of its adult size; the growth in each part of the brain depends almost entirely on the stimulation it receives during these peak years of development.

First 5 Tehama has assembled some easy ways for parents and caregivers to help with that important brain stimulation. We’re calling this campaign “Read, Sing and Play” – declaring School Readiness begins at birth! We are backing it up with research that shows young children who have had this early stimulation will enter kindergarten better prepared and more likely to succeed and by doing these early activities will provide lifelong benefits.
• Read: Everyone knows reading to children improves their ability to learn – but you can just look at a book with no words – making up stories and pointing out various things in the pictures too.
•Sing Songs: Sing silly songs, if you don’t know any songs then make them up – sing about taking a bath, bed time, going for a ride. The content is less important than just doing it with your child.
•Play games: This Lil Piggy is a great beginner game or perhaps Patty Cake. With toddlers you can introduce Ring Around The Rosy, or other cultural games that your family knows. It’s all good!
•Doctor – Dentist: Discuss any concerns about your baby’s health or development with your doctor and follow their recommended schedule of well-baby exams and immunizations, being careful to not miss any. Start seeing the dentist by the first tooth or first birthday and twice a year after. Oral health is very important for your child’s health and their ability to learn.

As a parent, you are a child’s first and most important teacher. Make sure you give your child the best possible start in life – begin their school readiness training right from birth. If you follow these simple guidelines, you will begin building that school readiness foundation that is so important to his/her future – this important time in life will impact them through adulthood and you are the only one that can make it happen!

First 5 Tehama encourages all parents and caregivers to Read, Sing, and Play with children today and everyday ~ and don’t forget to visit the doctor and dentist to ensure an optimal learning foundation!

First 5 Tehama funds the School Readiness Program through Tehama County Department of Education.