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Our Mission… Tehama County children will be born healthy and thrive in safe, supportive, nurturing and loving environments; and will enter school cognitively prepared and be healthy, active, and socially appropriate learners.

Please take a moment to browse our site.  Tehama County has a wealth of opportunities for all families and caregivers. Most of our funded services require that you, or a family member, are important in the life of a child to participate.



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     We’re Celebrating

First 5 Tehama extends our appreciation to our community and to the voters of California as we celebrate our 15th anniversary of investing in young children!

November 2013, marks the 15th anniversary of the voters’ approval of Proposition 10 (of 1998), the California Children and Families Act, which created the First 5 program statewide.  Prop. 10 created a guaranteed revenue stream to support children’s health, school readiness and community support for their families.

For more information about the anniversary, please visit www.first5association.org/15years



The Children’s Movement of California is connecting all of the people and organizations that want to see children’s health and education improved in our state and empowering them to make it happen together.




The Hard Facts About Soft Skills by Professor James Heckman
Intelligence and social skills are developed at an early age — and both are essential for success. Early investment produces the greatest returns in human capital.



“Child Development” on Living Smart by Dr. Bruce Perry
When a child doesn’t get enough stimulation early in life,  the  brain may develop differently. “That changes all kinds of functions, including  the ability to form relationships.”